4 Day Intensive with Simon Borg-Olivier in Berlin, 23.-26 july 2018

Using Posture, Movement and Breathing to Control Your Unconscious – 4 Day Intensive Workshop
with Simon Borg-Olivier


Monday – Thursday, 23. -26. July 2018

In this special four day intensive course Australian-based physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)APAM C-IAYT will show you revolutionary ways of working with posture, movement, breathing and your mind to get the best results for teaching yourself and others how to use your practice to access your autonomic nervous system so you can become a type of ‚body hacker‘. The methods and practice shown in this course are not only useful for the physical and energetic bodies but also really therapeutic for the mind and can be very helpful to relieve depression and anxiety by bringing the practitioner into an ongoing and engagingly pleasant present moment.

Each of the sessions in this course includes 1-2 hours of detailed instruction on posture, movement and breathing to instruct you brain, followed by flowing and meditative visually-instructed lead practice to music (no verbal instructions) to emboss the teachings into your body and let the brain become more meditative. 
You will develop a personal practical understanding of how use yoga to maintain and enhance health and longevity as well as to help you to recover more rapidly from musculoskeletal problems and medical conditions.
This course can help you to be a better teacher for yourself if you practice yoga, and can also help you in the teaching of other people.


Monday 23 July 2018:

Session 1, 2pm-5pm: Moving your spine for core strength and internal health


Tuesday 24 July 2018:

Session 2, 9am-12pm: Physcial power, sexual health and a pain-free lower back

Session 3, 2pm-5pm: Internal energy, enhanced immunity and a pain-free neck


Wednesday 24 July 2018:

Session4, 9am-12pm: Breathing for enhanced circulation and stress-reduction

Session 5, 2pm-5pm: Kriya (purification processes) in asana and vinyasa


Thursday 26 July 2018

Session 6, 9am-12pm: Blissful meditation from movement to stillness


About Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM C-IAYT has been practicing yoga for 50 years, teaching for 35 years, and been a registered physiotherapist for 20 years. He is co-director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools, with a style based on a deep understanding of modern medical science and traditional hatha yoga; and also works as a research scientist and lecturer at RMIT University. He has been regularly invited to teach on lifestyle, posture, movement and breathing at conferences and festivals internationally since 1990.

Learn more about Simon here: www.yogasynergy.com


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